Welcome to the Hong Kong Student Services Association (HKSSA) website.


The Year 2017-18 is a year for consolidation and looking forward.  Gaining the momentum from the hard work and contribution of previous chairpersons and committee members, HKSSA has to continue its effort in bridging and developing members.  These include the offering of a certificate course, arranging interflows with counterparts within or outside Hong Kong, launching of training grants and using new media to reach out to members.  Knowing the increasing importance of self-funded institutions in student services, we have enlarged our committee members to 13.  A larger membership base means more diversified needs and therefore more comprehensive support is needed.


Our goals in this term will focus on three aspects:


1.     Building stronger connections between universities and SA practitioners on campus wide activities;

2.     Enhancing knowledge transfer through job shadowing, seminars and interflows; and

3.     Strengthening SA knowledge base through benchmarking and research initiatives.


On behalf of the Executive Committee members of HKSSA, I cordially appeal for your support and active participation.  We look forward to meeting you soon!



Rosa Tang

Chairperson of HKSSA (2017-2018)

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