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The Hong Kong Student Services Association (HKSSA) was established with the aims to:


  • advance, develop and strengthen student service work among members;

  • assist students in better fulfilling their educational goals through provision of service; and

  • promote interaction and cooperation among persons in student service work in Hong Kong and abroad.


The Association was formally registered with Government as a charitable society in December 1984. The first Executive Committee was elected into office with Mr Luke Wong, the then Senior Student Affairs Officer of the University of Hong Kong, as its first Chairperson. Members of the Association now come from all higher education institutions in Hong Kong.


HKSSA keeps abreast of international standards by maintaining close working relations with professional bodies on student services from overseas (Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education, NASPA) and in Asia Pacific region (Asia Pacific Student Services Association, APSSA). We grow bigger and stronger with the support of dedicated practitioners who are committed to advancing student affairs in higher education over the past three decades.


From conferences on student affairs in the early days to seminars on internationalisation and curriculum reform in the millennium, from participation in national education interflows in the 90s to sharing good practices at international summits in the 21st century, from inauguration of the Hong Kong Outstanding Tertiary Students' Services Association in 1994 to celebration of its 20th anniversary in 2014, HKSSA has undergone remarkable development. We have been offering and supporting a good range of activities both locally and abroad for its members, students and the community of Hong Kong, including workshops and talks, visits to higher education institutions in Hong Kong and other places, and organizing regularly certificate courses on student affairs.


The activities of HKSSA are overseen by the Executive Committee. There are also the following committee/ working groups under the Association:


  • Committee on Outstanding Service Award 

  • Hong Kong Tertiary Institutions Health Care Working Group

  • Hong Kong Tertiary Institutions Psychological Counselling Working Group

  • Working Group on Career Services

December 2014




The Constitution of the Association was approved in December 1984 and amended in March 2019.

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