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Working Groups

The Hong Kong Tertiary Institutions Career Services Working Group
The Hong Kong Tertiary Institutions Psychological Counselling Working Group

Members of the work group work as a team, without boundary to provide first class careers services to teritary students in Hong Kong.

This work group comprises of health professionals and counsellors. They work seamlessly to advance mental health and personal development of the students.

Outstanding Service Awards Committee

This is driven by a group of young and dedicated students and graduates who serve selflessly. They are awardees of the HKSSA Outstanding Student Services Award.

​Each year, a selection exercise is conducted to honour students who share the same vision.

The Hong Kong Tertiary Institutions Health Care Working Group

Founded by student affairs workers, student counsellors and health care workers from the eleven tertiary institutions in Hong Kong, it aims to provide a variety of health education programs to the tertiary students in Hong Kong, and to enhance their health and personal development.

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