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HKSSA International and Regional Development Grant


The International and Regional Development Grant was established to promote active participation of its members in overseas / regional gatherings related to student services.





By offering awards to encourage members to attend overseas / regional professional gatherings, such as conferences, forums, seminars and study visits, the Grant aims at strengthening HKSSA’s presence in the international circle of student services. With active participation, members will establish new connections and enhance existing ones, learn from each other’s good practices and new development trends, and contribute to the advancement of student services among practitioners.



Amount of Subsidies


The maximum value of each award is $5,000 or half of the program fee/cost of conference/forum/seminar/study visit, whichever the lower. 



Working Groups / Executive Committee of HKSSA may nominate its member(s) who must be a HKSSA member for the Award. Individual members may apply and priority will be given to those who have at least 2 years of experience in the student affairs section and are committed to establishing a career in student services.  Nominees or applicants must take an active part in the program such as presenting a paper or report, giving a talk, speaking in panel discussion/study visit, serving as moderator, and so on.

Award Criteria

The Executive Committee of HKSSA will assess the nominations and applications and approve the awards. Nominations from Working Groups of HKSSA will be supported if the program is directly relevant to the subject area of the group and that the nominee is taking an active part in the conference/forum/seminar/study visit.

Other applications will be assessed based on the merits of the program, level of participation and contribution to the student services sector in HK. Awardees will be invited to share their learning to members in HKSSA events. Past award holders would be accorded a lower priority in the consideration of awards.


Conditions of Award

The award can be held concurrently with other subsidies or awards. Nominees/applicants are required to declare at the time of application if there are subsidies or awards from other sources and provide details. Payment of award will be made upon presentation of the original receipts of registration and certificate of attendance, normally within one month after completion of the program. Awardees are required to submit a written report of the program, including their written paper, script of the talk or presentation materials, if applicable to the Honorary Secretary of HKSSA Executive Committee within one month after completion of the program. The report will be posted on the HKSSA Website for sharing among members. The awardees may also be invited to conduct a sharing session for HKSSA members and other student affairs workers.

How to Apply

Download application form here

Completed application form should be submitted to the Honorary Secretary of HKSSA Executive Committee, preferably 2 months in advance, along with the following:

  • participation plan- abstract of the paper to be presented, an outline of the talk or presentation, or a brief statement on relevant experience and suitability

  • pamphlet or announcement of the program, invitation letter, confirmation letter, etc

  • details of other financial support received/being sought for attending the program

  • a brief statement on relevant experience and suitability

Nominees of the HKSSA Working Groups must have the endorsement of the convener of their Group.

Nominations/applications will be processed throughout the year, subject to availability of funds.

Nominees/applicants will normally be notified of the result within one month.


Ms Clare LEUNG, Honorary Secretary of HKSSA



Last update: Apr 2021

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