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Honorary Member

Honorary membership is awarded to those who have made a unique and exceptional contribution to the field of student affairs and the Hong Kong Student Services Association (HKSSA).


All Honorary Members shall enjoy the tenure membership and have the privilege to sit in the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and are exclusively invited to join various events, functions and activities organized by the Association.



Former chairpersons of HKSSA with a total service of 10 years in the Executive Committee (Exco) of HKSSA, among which FIVE years or above as office bearers (Chairperson / Vice Chairperson / Hon Treasurer / Hon Secretary) in the Exco and at least TWO years of service at the position of Chairperson.





The Exco of HKSSA will review the list of Exco members from time to time and identify eligible candidate(s) for nomination. Nominated candidates will be approved at the AGM for membership.

Honorary Membership was first awarded to four past Chairpersons as the honorary members of the association, namely Mrs. Rita Fan, Mrs. Carol Tang, Mr. Luke Wong and Mrs. Esther Yu, in the Annual General Meeting 2012-2013.​

In the Annual General Meeting 2021-2022, Mr Patrick Tang and Mrs Pandora Yuen were awarded the Honorary Membership.

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